Fringale Burgundy Wine Dinner

A few weeks ago, we had dinner with friends at a local San Francisco French Restaurant called Fringale. What made this dinner particularly nice was a smaller group size, five of us to be exact! Given a 750ml bottle of wine per person, you get a more than ample pour. Unlike larger dinners where at best you get a single snapshot of a wine, could seriously evaluate a given bottle over the span of a long evening.   

The theme was loosely defined as a nice Burgundy you would like to share. The generosity of the group is such, we usually share 2 bottles or more a person, in this instance, restraint was used, one bottle a person, which worked great on a weekday! As with previous tastings, wine are sorted in order of personal preference by flight. None of the wines were decanted.

White Burgundy Flight

2002 Leroy Meursault Blagny 1er – An absolutely stunning wine, nice minerality, subtle citrus, and stone, the pear like fruit was well in proportion with all other components. Over the evening, it kept improving in the glass, highly balanced and complex. With no signs of oxidation, could easily continue to age the wine, but suggest opening it now. A near perfect Meursault, in a sweet spot!   

2002 Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Clos St. Jean – Initially thought the acidity on this wine was pretty high and a little astringent. Tight, not very charming, it did open up in time and improved considerably. The wine paired very well with the seafood course, and had it been blind, would have called it out as a Chablis. Overall, thought it was a good wine, and one that should be cellared for many years.  

Red Burgundy Flight

1990 Hubert Lignier Clos de la Roche – The wine of the flight, and tied as wine of the night with the Leroy, another stunning wine! A riper style Clos de la Roche than expected, dense, structured, full bodied, raspberry fruits, was a near perfect wine! The finish was never ending. Struggling to think of a better Clos de la Roche ever tasted? From opening to finish, maintained a consistent style. Could easily continue to age the wine effortlessly for years. 

2002 Pierre Amiot Clos de la Roche – A nice easy drinking wine, however in very tough company next to the Hubert Lignier. Some minerality, dusty, rustic fruits, but lacked depth, balance and complexity. An okay drinking experience that on its own was pleasant, but just not to Grand Cru expectations. Like the Lignier, maintained a consistent style throughout the evening, however do not think the wine will improve considerably with additional cellar aging.
Sadly, we opened a corked bottle of 1995 Robert Groffier Bonnes Mares, and a little dinner time science experiment, plastic wrap in a glass of the wine did not help. Cheers to a fun dinner with good friends!

Nick Wittman
Santa Rosa Fine Wine

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